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Gemstone soaps course available in English

Hace meses que esperaba que llegara este grandioso día en el que poder contarte que hoy lanzaremos nuestro primer curso completo en ingles. Espero que este sea el primero de muchos, pero ya tener uno y del nivel del curso de Gemstone soaps  en español me hace más que feliz.

Te cuento un poco de que trata este maravilloso curso, con excelentes referencias de alumnas tanto en español como el inglés, y agradezco de corazón a las personas que dejaron su comentario en el curso y en las redes. Este post es para estudiantes angloparlantes, pero si te interesa este curso en español puedes leer más aquí.


 Hi Marcela,

Just thought i’d share with you some of the Gemstone Soaps I’ve made since enrolling in your fantastic course.

I am loving your videos and find them fascinating.  Yours is one of the best courses i’ve ever done as you show each step clearly and t’s easily understood.

I’m up to the turquoise encapsulating lesson - i have the soap poured, waiting for it to cool down so i can cut my stones. (I pour mine in clear plastic cups that i can cut up and the soap comes out easier than in a tube with acetate). 

Thanks again,
Kind regards,
Julie H.

Gemstone soap course


Create and design fantastic gems

This course is suitable for creative people and beginners in the art of soap making. No previous knowledge is needed to learn my gemstone soap technique. You will discover all the potential of the transparent soap and many ways to work it creatively. I will teach you a transparent soap technique developed by me, which I call technique  bychela.
Would you like to start soap making without caustic soda?   This is your course, given that we do not use alkalis.  In this course you will learn to colour and perfume the transparent base soap using different methods. You will learn the ways of perfuming in a natural and artificial way, as well as colouring with liquid, solid, matte, and bright dyes. Also, learn the characteristics of the soap in order to get the best out of it, such as dimming or brightening.
You cannot obtain transparent soap? I teach you my technique to elaborate a transparent soap quick, easy and without caustic soda, so you can create your gemstone soaps in less than two hours. 
Do you have trouble finding the materials in your city? I give you options to colour and perfume in a homemade way. If you have a supermarket, jumble sale nearby, or you can shop online, it won't be a problem. 

Online course

Each class includes a dossier with the instructions so you can print them, and an explanatory video of the technique. I will teach you how to make amethyst, pink quartz, white quartz, emeralds, aquamarine gemstones, granite rocks, turquoise and fantasy gems with which you can set your creativity to fly.  You can make the soaps learnt through the week and post your pictures to the forum we share in a community of gemstone soap makers. If you do all the exercises at the end of the course I will give you a diploma.
The course lasts a month, but you can enter the classroom indefinitely, either to read, search for information or watch the videos. You will be able to access to the community or forum for 4 months, so you can ask all your questions about the stone soaps.
  • 15 videos: more than 120 minutes of visual class.
  • 5 modules with 7 original techniques.
  • PDF instructional dossier
  • unlimited course access Access to personalized tutoring for 4 months.
  • 20 teaching hours


If you are a teacher, blogger or have a workshop, there are restrictions on teaching my technique, please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing the online course. My course is copyrighted and you will not be able to teach my technique in your blog, web, online school, by PDF, forums, communities, without my written consent.

Have any doubts? email us at

Come see my gemstone soaps album in my facebook


To purchase the course, fill in your details in "Enroll", check the selected payment box and send the form.  The registration is not automatic. We will send you the password to acces the school once the payment is confirmed. Before enrolling, please read the Terms and Conditions of the online school.

Enroll in the course here

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